Thursday, 10 April 2014


When the yellow skirt arrived on my doorstep, (sent by the wondrous Curtise festooned with pressies! mwah lovely lady!)  it was such a thrill. It was like having a  celebrity to stay, for this item of clothing is so very special. In its travels around the world, it is visiting some very special ladies whom I adore, spreading a gloriously liberating and joyous message of self-love, bad-ass womanhood and creative spirit. I adored my time with the yellow skirt!

But the skirt itself it would seem, just like us, has many faces and tales to tell, for without doubt it is also taking on a role as 'art form' as it travels!  Its weight increasing on each visit with the customised signatures of its wearers...oh yes for sure, this yellow skirt is as much art as it is skirt as it is message!

Looking at the skirt and all those names was like holding hands with these women and yelling alongside them with one joined voice! These are some truly vibrant women, if you are going to be in company then this is a crowd I'm kinda excited to be keeping!

And so my signature was added, with a tear in my eye...yeah I don't mind admitting it! Can you see it.....bottom right?

My contribution to the skirt tied in with my current year-long art project...A YEAR OF DOLLS AND ME! I am drawing a doll a day for a year and on the day of the yellow skirt photo shoot I was on day 55. And so my doll drawing that day paid homage to the skirt, how could it not as the doll project is also an exploration of identity and in many ways holds hands with the yellow skirt and all it represents.

Doll 55 was drawn with a void....a cut invisible woman! How often we are forced to know that feeling as we age...that invisibility! Well not in yellow skirts so bright and so the cut out body parts of doll 55 were added to my skirt signature, a nod to the ethos of remaining visible, along with this message....

Don't be shy
Push open the door
And explode in extravagant beauty.

Red stitches depicting the continuing journey were then added alongside my name. What an honour to add my bit to the skirt!

 Wow, just look at the company I am keeping!

And so my signature really has two pieces...the drawing and the skirt addition. Eventually the 2 will be joined once more for Doll 55 is to be eventually gifted to the beautiful and amazing Mel who began all of this! Mel you are a constant delight and inspiration....thank you!


  1. Your skirt "signature" is delightfully creative addition to the marks made by the amazing women who had her before you. I love the doll drawing and that you chose to add her cut out pieces to the yellow skirt. Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Travelling Yellow Skirt!

  2. ooooo - explode in extravagant beauty - how intriguing.

  3. Jane, that is so awesome! I am very moved by this addition and the fact that Doll 55 will have such a joyous reunion. Your art has definitely replenished the skirt's energy tanks so it can continue its journey with happiness. Huge hugs. You KNOW you are an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for showing so many others' wonderful contributions too.

  4. It's so amazing. I can't even figure out how to say how awesome it is :)

  5. So much fun and amazing how that skirt travels! I love your paper doll project and admire your ability to do one a day!

  6. oh looking at it again and again... it´s just ful of wonder wonderful wundervoll!
    I can feel your happiness, the energy of you all x Stefanie

  7. The Travelling Yellow skirt is iconic! I love your contribution to it and I love following it's journey x x x

  8. How cool! Your addition and the explanation are brilliant!


  9. Superb!
    That skirt will rule the world! X

  10. With that skirt you can do ANYTHING! Awesome x

  11. Jane, you look so darn gorgeous in that first photo!!!!!!!!!!! I love this skirt - what a brilliant idea. You did a super job adding your bit too xxx

  12. This skirt is more amazing than words I can find

  13. Jane, I love your story behind your skirt signature! Very thoughtful and beautiful!

  14. Ah, I love seeing all the new signatures since I had it! What an amazing thing this skirt is!

  15. Gorgeous!!!!!!!! It gets better and better. :)

  16. Nice that you showed all the signatures and enjoying yours of course, you are so talented and whimsy!


  17. you're so fabulous and talented!, love your skirt signature and all your art!

  18. It's amazing, but it does feel like seeing a celebrity when it arrives! I love your addition to this iconic piece!! XXXOOO


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