Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I have to admit that last month's reading got slightly blown off-track by an inability to gauge my reaction to one of March's selected books, THE ROSIE PROJECT. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Did I feel it was great for the main character to be on the autistic spectrum? Did I loathe the book's handling of special-needs or applaud it? As a mum of a child with special-needs I really couldn't fathom what I thought and kept leaving the book for days on end while I pondered!

Finally, as I read more of the book I relaxed more into it but I have to say there were moments when I hated the glibness and the humour derived from the character's 'quirks'. Yes, admittedly the book never ever strayed into the territory of laughing AT special-needs but the very fact it derived most its humour from this source, grated on my mama's heart! 

As for the other books...Gone Girl was great and The Five People You Meet In Heaven was an awesome  'must read' that I just couldn't put down....a one sitting book!

April has a line-up that features more non-fiction than usual and I am truly excited about it all!

The non-fiction is inspired by my year of creative habits project that you can catch up with daily at my tumblr site here! Most of these books come recommended by Crystal here.....see I am paying attention Crystal! 

The first of  the non-fiction is one I didn't get to last month....Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky. Then there is Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

And for fiction this month I have two beauties in the mix, THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS by Arundhati Roy and THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern.

So what are you reading this month....do tell!

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  1. I'm in a book group at my local library, we read the Rosie Project last year and it was one of the few books that everybody liked (usually we're split into lovers and haters!) so it's really interesting to hear your perspective. I read the Creative Habit a couple of years ago after reading rave reviews, but didn't find it very inspiring or useful maybe because she's a dancer not a visual artist...or maybe because she's so dedicated she made me feel lazy!! Look forward to hearing how you enjoy it!! best wishes :)

  2. I just got a copy of Hollow City the second Miss Peregrine's book. I haven't started it yet. I'm finishing up Nijinsky: A Life of Genius and Madness by Richard Buckle

  3. The Night Circus was really good. I enjoyed that one quite a bit and although it's been awhile I enjoyed The Five People You Meet in Heaven too. I have a vague feeling I've read God of Small things but I am not certain. I guess that doesn't speak too well for the book but perhaps it's my brain that is at fault and not the book. later this week I've got a post about two books I recently read and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing yours. I love getting new ideas for my reading list.

  4. Oh, they all look really interesting. I've read the night circus and enjoyed it, and on another note I once worked on a Twyla Tharp dance show for the royal ballet. A very very long time ago now, but so interesting. So will be interested to see what you make of her book.

  5. Hey Jane,

    I have gotmy reading mojo back after last month's disater. But I have been very slack on goodreads. I am spending every moment of daylight outside, and then crashing inot bed with a book. Hardly time to blog or read anyone else's. Your choices look great.
    Leanne xx

  6. I might read Gone Girl next, it's in my pile of To Be Read. I fancy The Night Circus too. Have you read Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter? Sorry, just thought of it (word association!) but would really recommend it.
    I have just read Lolita, and feel much the same as you do about The Rosie Project. Did I love its amoral approach to the subject and the writing, or find it loathsome and ultimately tedious? I really can't decide, but I'm glad I have read it (it was one of my "I really should have read this" list!)
    I needed a quick whiz of a read through a page-turning crime thriller to recover! xxx

  7. Love, love, love The God of Small Things. I read it fifteen years ago in a Women's Studies course and it has always stuck with me.

  8. I too felt very conflicted about The Rosie Project. I still can't fully decided what I think about it. But I think you're really going to enjoy The Night Circus. It's a good one. I'm currently reading Life After Life and enjoying it. And I applaud you for picking up the non-fiction. I really need to do that more too.

  9. What an impressive collection! Always a pleasure to have you on board, Jane x


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