Sunday, 20 April 2014


Here is this week's collection for Art-Stopping Sunday...a selection of the art and creativity that has made my heart stop and skip a beat across the week!

 Please enjoy because I did!

1. The ariel photography of Klaus Leidorf and on flickr here.
2. A journal project, The Last Supper by Platonova Nataliya. 
3. The magical worlds created by Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger here...originally found here.
4. The mixed-media portraits of Louis Boudreault here...originally found here.
5. The silhouette paintings of Eva Christin Laszka here.
6. The illustrations, sketchbooks and artwork of Jenny Meilihove here.
7. The sewn wonders of Jennifer Collier here.
8. The sewing and beauty over at Daisy Moon.
9. The embroidery of Sara Lechner found here and on flickr here and here.

Do you have some magic to share...please leave a link in the comments if you do! It could be art, craft, fashion, photography, the written word....whatever captured your creative soul this week! Have a beautiful Sunday everybody. xxxxx

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  1. I love the Last Supper and the Falling Garden... I love the Last Supper's use of the crease in the notebook-- so amazing!

    1. they are great aren't they Heidi. Thank you for stopping by xxxx

  2. Another triumph and I am a huge fan of Daisy Moons x

  3. I love your art posts :)

    And here is one for you:

    The Nearly Lost 1950s Street Photos of NYC And Chicago by Vivian Maier Were Discovered Only After Her Death.
    They are SO SO awesome! From mafia to little boys playing the streets!

    1. OMG I adore her! She is one of mY ALL TIME favourites!! Have you heard her entire story? She was awesome! She lived with a family for years as their nanny and the mother worked/ran a magazine and yet she still never mentioned her photography! She created just for herself! And her hit rate for images! When i dleete 1000 pics off my camera to get 5 goodones i always think....gawd Vivian Maier would laugh!!! thank you so much for the link!

    2. have a look at my pinterest board dedicated to the self portraits she did in mirrors and windows xxx

    3. I've never heard of her before I stumbled across those photos.
      I love vintage photographs, and these were awesome.
      There's just something about vintage men in suits :P hehe..

  4. Such a wonderful collection - I stare at one and then get totally transfixed by another - the aerial trees, the silhouettes, imagining looking up at the magical worlds… beautiful!

    1. ahh thank you lovely Kirsty. xxx


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