Sunday, 13 April 2014


Here is this week's collection for Art-Stopping Sunday...a selection of the art and creativity that has made my heart stop and skip a beat across the week!

 Please enjoy because I did!

1: The hauntingly mysterious, beautiful and equally uncomfortable work of Jana Brike here...originally found here.
2: The amazing work of Tuija Helena Markonsalo.
3: The square paintings of Janet L Hamilton.
4: The embroidery of Sophie Standing.
5: The art installation 'Skinned'
6: The polyester sculpture of Do Ho Suh, found here and here.
7. The paper art of Cecilia Levy.
8. Spencer Byles spends a year in a french forest!
9. The illustration, embroidery and collage of Laura McKellar.

Do you have some magic to share...please leave a link in the comments if you do! It could be art, craft, fashion, photography, the written word....whatever captured your creative soul this week! Have a beautiful Sunday everybody. xxxxx

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  1. The second one with the pearls is simply gorgeous!

  2. you are a great curator! special thanks for the middle row !

  3. Beautiful collection - thanks for including me there :)

  4. You have excelled yourself chuck!
    They all hang together beautifully x


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