Sunday, 8 April 2012

Last Visit With Francine.

The moments of my final visit with Francine, etched in my heart forever.

The book, her present from Mama. Her new language fascinating.

Little dolly in her bag, a present from my Poppy joining in.

Her beautiful face, her smile, her giggle.

The joy of her snack, her independence, her sharing soul and ability to make every moment fun.

The way she made eating an apple the cutest thing ever seen!

Her racing backwards and forwards between me and Lora to share. Her laughter and cute run all topped off  with bouncing hair.

The way she claimed the bottle of water as hers and then filled it with apple trying to drink it. The look of love in Lora's eyes watching her.


Her beauty, so heart stopping!

Our moments together, moments of connection to be stored in my heart forever.

Watching her chat on the phone, being told that she did in fact only have one Mama not two. Her nodding and chatter and her clear response about loving Lora more than the world.

He shrieking singing and dancing, entertaining our souls.

Her listening to music...

and then making her own! Both things the sweetest thing you have ever seen.

Her continued excitement  looking at her book, her new home, her family, her new life to come!

The excitement in her face when she was given permission to show us a little of her orphanage. The way she raced to the music room, fed the fish and played the piano with a wiggle and a song.

The hug she gave me as we left and that moment when we walked away from her down the staircase and my eyes connected with hers. We stared into each others eyes and time stood still... and then she smiled and blew me a kiss. That moment when the world had just me and Francine within it, a moment of pure magic from heaven, wrapped up in God's love...a moment that took my breath away, a moment to hold forever!

Francine and Lora, thank you. xxx


  1. Beautiful Jane, just beautiful.

  2. I am so happy you were given these sweet moments! You pictures capture her personality so well!

  3. Greetings from Alabama! I've loved every minute of your blog. How sweet and wonderful to read your last post this Resurrection Day! Thank you for sharing your heart so openly. I've been blessed.

  4. Jane it has be wonderful to get a glimpse of life there and to learn a little about these precious children. Thank you so much for sharing...hoping there is even more to come, it's better than a good book


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