Monday, 9 May 2016

Break the Circle

New work taking my focus in the studio at the moment. Cutting and sewing canvas whilst exploring the messages contained within the circles we live by and break away from.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Entering The Woods With The Dolls

Sharing the doll series here from time to time as I revisit them and write their story!

Here are the next few.

Doll 4: She Was Found In A Bed of Her Own Making
Mixed-media drawing and collage on paper
Size 17.5 x 24 cm

Doll 5: Into The Woods
Mixed-media drawing and collage on paper
Size 17.5 x 24 cm

Doll 6: The Perils of Leaving the Path
Mixed-media drawing and collage on paper
Size 17.5 x 24 cm

Thursday, 28 April 2016


100 Dolls and Me began as a series of daily drawings in late 2013. It was originally to be a year long project but then life imploded and all drawing stopped for quite some time leaving the dolls abandoned!  Yesterday I opened the box on these dolls once more and sat down with them like old friends long-missed. With pen in hand I began to chart the thought processes their creation had led me through, each doll in turn unearthing memories of the steps along the path we had walked together! I wanted to record what I remembered from our travels for it had been quite some journey, the type of journey that shouldn't become forgotten with time! So I started at the beginning with the first two dolls drawn in is their poem!

        Doll 1: Make Me Yours!                                          Doll 2: Measure Up Bitch! 
      mixed -media drawing on paper.                                                           mixed -media drawing on paper.
            size 17.5 x 24cm                                                                                        size 17.5 x 24cm     


In The Beginning Came Numbers
for dolls 1 and 2 with my love
by Candy Morrigan

The tyranny of numbers came
To steal your brave and grow your lame
Heed this the journey of the paper doll
Pick up the scissors and off we go!

It begins early on when days were free
The bouncing babe upon the knee
Yes even then they crawl on in
To make you sickened by your skin
Monsters in closets paw a dress that was made
especially bigger....your mother paid!
These memories lay you down to take the bruising
As in they come, those numbers cruising
Too old or young, short, fat, thin, tall
Dictated to... and so the fall
begins to cripple the open-hearted
The point that self-esteem departed.

The tyranny of numbers came
To steal your brave and grow your lame
Heed this the journey of the paper doll
Pick up the scissors and off we go!

Accusations crumple the kindly soul
Stop Being Wrong the saddest goal
Not aimed for by the hard-shell-crew
But an addictive target for a sensitive few
And worse, it opens doors for black-winged sprites
To do their evil and wrap your days with nights.
Because now YOU can shape me with just one look
Cut and make me from your book
My own tale blank, just empty pages
Please cut and tear as mute voice rages
I'm your paper doll...along this line fold
Because numbers gave you my power to hold.

The tyranny of numbers came
To steal your brave and grow your lame
Heed this the journey of the paper doll
Pick up the scissors and off we go!

Welcome the folds that cruel hands deliver
Be grateful, because you deserve not a flicker
Dress me up, bend me, tell me what you need
Paper wears thin but they still pay no heed
Please let me please you, pour me into your mould
But break the silence......and watch the whole world turn cold!
Closed eyes start to open, mute voice starts to speak
Sickened by chasing and no longer weak
But don't dare to forget what the numbers dictated
Step out of your place and you will find yourself hated
For there is no warmth inside those who once folded dolls
They will skip away happily humming death tolls.

The tyranny of numbers came
To steal your brave and grow your lame
Heed this the journey of the paper doll
Pick up the scissors and off we go!

dedicated to all the paper doll folders of this world, may you one day receive exactly what you gave out!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

100 Dolls and Me.....Travelling Again

The 100 Dolls and Me series is in front on me. Each drawing a single step through 100 days of chaos. I did not fully understand why so much chaos back then, for this was a series that foretold of stories yet unopened.

Within this making, more than at any other time to date, art was leading me. It's the end product of a creative subconscious yelling in my face to wake the hell up and start seeing! Art was trying to save me! 

I am listening to the dolls again, we are travelling hand in hand and this time they are leading me out of the woods! 

Doll 1: Make Me Yours! 
mixed -media drawing on paper.
size 17.5 x 24cm

Doll 2: Measure Up Bitch! 
mixed -media drawing on paper.
size 17.5 x 24cm

 Doll 3: The Death of Fairy Tales
mixed -media drawing on paper.
size 17.5 x 24cm

These the first three drawings in a series of 100. 

Monday, 25 April 2016


In the studio I am working on some large scale drawings on board. The subject matter, the scale and the style of working are all equally important in these new drawings. 

Listening to the voices playing out against each other whilst line-drawing on a larger scale, a form of anesthesia! All working together as a necessary act!

As I shut all else out within the repetition of the working I am reminded of this quote!

And so I draw lines whilst listening to the voices argue and sing, wondering just how many heads are within that conversation.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Stuntman of the Art World.

Recently I had the enormous treat of watching a fellow artist work and to become more acquainted with the world of caricature art. To say I was impressed is rather an understatement.....hence the title of this post!

So why THE STUNTMAN? Well imagine as an artist.......

Regularly putting your art practise willingly into a very public firing line, an artistic version of a head on a chopping-block if you will! No editing, no hiding in a studio until you are happy with your creations, no second chances, no redraws, no waiting for your muse to strike.....with a paying crowd watching YOUR EVERY MOVE! JEEZ! Makes me sweat with fear just typing it!

Now add in a time frame for your work.....let's say about 4 minutes a drawing! Eeeeeek!!! Holy shit, I can't even sharpen a pencil in 4 minutes!

Now, let's for a laugh mix in some often ridiculously poor working conditions.....dim club lighting, flashing disco lights making you blind, cramped spaces full of party people, occasional drunks, children knocking into you because mummy the drawing man is cool and simply so delightful to watch....(can't blame them cause he is you know!) All this on top of an often long journey to and from your drawing space....motorway shut, satnav down.....don't let it show!

Now lets request....NAY DEMAND the need to entertain the audience whilst simultaneously drawing four minutes! Stuntmen aren't static, no hiding behind an easel in the corner as an add-on attraction (some do you know ......go figure....yawn!)  This man ENTERTAINS! I watched him hold a room enthralled, beautiful banter with guests, and non-stop energy! And for me the best treat of all.... I got to see and hear something that I suspect this stuntman  often misses out on....namely the sheer pleasure of the people walking away from him, artwork in hand! I watched their faces light up, the laughter of their friends and family and the exclamations of awe. Hands down the most repeated sentence of the evening being, "OMG that's awesome, you need to get that framed!"

Now all this means nothing without the most important ingredient.... serious talent! In the stuntman's world not only does a face need to look like a face, but it actually needs to look like a real somebody's face......THAT FACE.....NOT ANY OLD FACE.....talent curve just spiked BIG TIME! And guess what? That real somebody is standing right in front of you, (EEEEEEK!)  worse still, they are surrounded by everybody they know, (DOUBLE EEEEEEK!) the everybody they know who will critique loudly, (cause family are like that!)   Because you see the stuntman's drawing-ground is all too often the family gathering events that are inevitably laced with the, 'That looks nothing like you Brenda!' familiarity and lack of tactful opinion-giving saved only for your nearest and dearest..... so you better be damn good or Aunty Brenda's friends will take you down! Good job he is so extremely good then isn't it......just look!

But do you know what else I've discovered whilst dipping my toes into the art discipline of the caricature..... not all caricaturists are.....good that is! Not all are working at stuntman level.....some are much more trip over a paving-stone whilst yelling dadaaaaaa standard than dangling one handed from burning skyscrapers standard! Some draw the same eyes no matter who is in front of them, some draw cool features but then draw a face shape like a bag of marbles, some like bollack chins and some seem to have no concept of paper size...."One eye sir? Thought is was more you!"....yeah right!!!! Some will take a beautiful bride and turn her into a JESUS CHRIST WTF!!!! So be careful when you book somebody to come entertain you, because caricatures ARE actually supposed to look like a real person you know! Book somebody with skill because that £50 cheaper WILL, in the blink of a badly drawn eye, turn your treasured framed keepsake into bin fodder that made the bride cry for a week! So book for skills and talent .... shit just book George!

Now add in the danger element.....because eventually your time with the stuntman is up! The badge he wears is now flashing, 'this is my last drawing' and he's told the waiting crowd really, really nicely, more than once.... but often the queue still forms like bees round a honey pot ignoring all words spoken in the belief that requests to just do me.....then me....then aunty.....then aunty's second cousin......will all result in more drawings. FOR "MORE DRAWINGS", PLEASE READ, "WORK FOR FREE AND DON'T GO HOME!" (top will want George to stay longer when you get hold of him so remember that when you book him! You can thank me later!) With this art discipline there seems to be the danger element of the disgruntled and often audibly cross, carping on that the awesome stuntman in the room didn't capture their own personal noggin!  So bravery and tactful skills are also required if you are the stuntman and I can't say I've needed those skills recently whilst drawing, in peace, in my studio!

 I have so much respect for the true artists of this discipline! The artists living in the alternative time frame and other-world reality of the land of the night-workers where our party-time, Friday nights out, weekends and social life becomes their work schedule....are the rest of us in the art world asked to personally sacrifice for our art quite so much? Social life sir? No sorry I'm working!

But occasionally the stuntman does get to don slippers, snuggle with fluffy cats and hide in a studio like the rest of us less-ballsy artist types in order to create his own studio work!

The famous and movie posters!

The recently departed....he's currently busy in this department! See his website : Smile You're Dead



GO check it all out peeps here! It's quite something!

Get George to entertain you at an event!

Or grace your walls with some of his awesome,

Hell you can even wear his awesome!

And did any of you spot the AS SEEN ON TV in his advertising image? Yeah cause if you're George all the above is just 'normal' it only gets challenging if you add live tv into the mix as well!

 I rest my case! ALL HAIL THE STUNTMAN!