Saturday, 12 July 2014


I have been absent from my beloved blog space of late, too busy picking up the pieces of my shattered life to be present! Discovering lies and secrets so explosive that a life in tatters surrounds me and my children!

To love somebody, to give away a heart....this always involves a risk and sometimes you pay the price!

So where next?

Through the journey of every broken day, 'Where next?' has whispered to me over and over! I do not know as yet! This is a place that belongs to the lost and the questioning, there are no answers here!

I search everything! My mind is on a quest for some honesty....who am am? who was I?  who do I want to become? what do I love? where could I go? And through all this my beautiful children....what about them?

All I do know is that rock-bottom makes an excellent base for building new foundations and when tears fall so hard I can't breath, I hold onto that fact! Big knickers and a super-woman cape are a daily rescue......perhaps I should join the circus after all?

Image by Diane Arbus

Monday, 16 June 2014


Sometimes life throws stuff at you! 
Sometimes the people you love turn out not to be who you think they are, lies get told as hearts get broken. Sometimes getting to the end of the day is too great a journey, just the hour, the minute, the next breath is distance enough.
Sometimes it's hard to see blessings amidst the house of cards busy tumbling down! 

At times like this it's hard to hold gratitude warmly in your hands and be thankful.
At times like this we want to yell and scream and hide and believe all good has ended!
But at times like this GRATITUDE is needed more than ever!

So this month......

I dedicate this month's gratitude to my friends!

Friends who leave food parcels on my doorstep and bunches of flowers and texts and geraniums that reminded them of fairy-armour and who make nights in with wine and chocolate happen! Friends who are there to carry and hold and love and support and advise and listen and wipe up and step in! Friends who have hearts true and honest and pure and just utterly delightful in a world that can make you feel like TOTAL shit and devoid of all faith! In such a world, these friends make me know that all will be OK! How can it not when I have friends like this!

My friends I adore you!

My gratitude is with darling friends! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Here is this week's collection for Art-Stopping Sunday...a selection of the art and creativity that has made my heart stop and skip a beat across the week!

 Please enjoy because I did!

1. The colourful world of Jiha Moon.
2. The photography of Elizaveta Porodina.
3. The photo-illustration of Leslie Ann O'Dell.
4. The amazing works of Ian Strange.
5. The incredible work of Ronald Ceuppens found here on the boards of Mrs B.
6. The collages of Naomi Vona and here on Flickr.
7. The paper mache of Juliana Bollini
8. The stitch creations of Tamar Mogendorff
9. The decorative potholes of Juliana Santacruz Herrera

Do you have some magic to share...please leave a link in the comments if you do! It could be art, craft, fashion, photography, the written word....whatever captured your creative soul this week! Have a beautiful Sunday everybody. xxxxx

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Saturday, 24 May 2014


Poppy turned seven this week as the sun has shone as hot as the rain has been wild! Paddling pools and presents...quite a week!

1: Early morning conversations with Tilly. She has started putting her hand up to her mouth when she gets a fit of giggles and it's so endearing!
2: Late evening on Poppy's birthday. Exhaustion begins to set in amongst the household chaos....but Tilly is still going strong as my beautiful Poppy plays along, pausing the music so her big sister can have her 100th game of crazy-dancing solo musical statues!
3: Busby fresh from the paddling pool watching his dad build his first big boy bike....oh his joy!

My favourites of last week...

This beautiful perspective over at WILD & GRIZZLY
Beautiful shots in stunning nature at BUILD IT BY HAND
A great moment and attitude captured over at BLUEBIRDS OF HAPPINESS
Such wonderful captures over at LITTLE RED VIKINGS

Joining in with Jodi here and also The Living Arrows project here.

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living arrows

Friday, 23 May 2014


I want to write you a letter!

I want to share my creative inspiration, my thoughts, my discoveries and my heart with you. To make this a place of relationship and friendship. I want you to leap of the flight-platform with me!

Let me write you a letter once a week! No spam, no annoying flood of messages or sharing your email! Just one letter a week full of inspiring thoughts and words for your week, links to inspiration I have found, links to my week's posts so you never need miss a thing from The Flight Platform and of course my friendship!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014


We have a magic tree in our garden! Do you? If you don't then I suggest you think about making one because it's a wonderful thing for a garden to have! Ours came about when Tilly was little and we began to address her sensory needs...her response to music and sound was wonderful and so to encourage her out into the garden we turned our tree into a magic tree and hung it with wind-chimes. Of course she wanted to make the wind chimes ring herself but couldn't reach them and so I added long strings of plastic beads from a broken door curtain which enabled her to rattle and shake to her heart's content! And so our magic tree was born and all my children have adored it ever since.

This week our magic tree was in dire need of some tidy-up attention and so I set to work and couldn't resist adding a few more sparkly wonders. Bird houses and lanterns were repositioned and much oooing and ahhing ensued!

Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover

Then a call from a friend came ' Hey Jane do you want some logs?'  A tree had been felled, the logs were up for grabs....I was there in a zap with empty car-boot waiting in anticipation! And so this week's magic-tree tidy-up continued with a complete makeover of the garden beneath it! My friend also dug up some ferns from her garden and gifted them to me, 'You can't have logs without ferns' she exclaimed.....don't you love friends like that....this the same mad woman who arrived at my house armed with a second pick-axe to help me remove the monster bamboo! Becks I LOVE YA!

And so we now have a tidy magic-tree and a new woodland garden, complete with fairy crystal balls, new ferns and more!

Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover

The silver of the balls sparked an idea for the recycled bathroom shelves I had found that still sit empty....what about tin cans? I leaped with joy when I discovered that they fit on the little shelves perfectly! So future plans for here will certainly involve some tin can art and succulent planting! Watch this space! I have started pinning tin can art over on my pinterest board here for inspiration....go take a look...tins cans I do adore you!

Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover

A rainbow bridge log (Poppy's  words!) was stolen from my new log collection for her fairy house! She is super-excited that things are looking more magical as well! It's all good for enticing fairies you know! New fairy houses were built nearby!

Garden Makeover, Fairy house
Garden Makeover, Fairy house
Garden Makeover, fairy house

Elsewhere, my dead sea-thrift that was waiting to be thrown away in a sea of rubbish suddenly sprang back into life...again who knew? So that's been potted up! I love sea-thrift, it's so Dr Seuss.

And finally all those new plants I brought last week are in! The bamboo is gone! The flowers have promise! I am and the sun has been shining! Life's good isn't it! Now heading on over to Annie's place to join in How Does Your Garden Grow...see you there! xxxxxx

Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover

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 Linking this post with the wonderful Annie over at Mammasaurus. x

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I felt I was miles behind! I felt I was achieving nothing! I felt like it was pointless! I felt like I was failing!

But then I collected the past 10 days of work know.... that work made in the snatched 5 minutes here and there within a harassed pit of broken-concentration! The drawings interrupted with cries of 'mum' and screams of arguments and mutterings under my breath of 'oh for goodness sake can I not just get 5 minutes to finish something!'  It's been a tricky couple of weeks!

I gathered up the work that I thought was non-existent and failing and overdue, its making wedged into the demands of laundry from my sick kiddies and the up all night bringing down fevers and the frantic shopping days for my daughter's birthday this week, and more kids birthday parties than is humanly possible and more laundry and the sun's out so we need to be outside and the garden needs watering over and over and over again....and as I gathered it up I stopped and was amazed!

It was done! Work was actually there and I liked it! It meant something to me and I can see the project is even developing its own language! I may have felt like I was failing but I forgot...FEELINGS LIE! 

I had made the classic mistake of underestimating what can be achieved in the small moments! Sometimes the kids are off from school sick and need cuddles through the night. Sometimes the sun shines and paddling pools are brought out of sheds and bike rides take priority. Sometimes beds are thrown up on  (repeatedly!)and sofas are weed on and need stripping...a laundry situation perpetually out of control and there is simply no time! My kids are always my priority but I suspect within that there is actually ALWAYS SOME TIME! As long as we are prepared to guard the small moments!

Here is the work I gathered in the small moments of the last few days. I believe there is huge power to be harnessed within these small moments, exulting the process of little and often! This week I needed to gather work and surprise myself. Mums all too often claim failure before studying the facts in front of them! I hope this week you gather your moments and your achievements and will say, YEAH I'M DOING OK!

 Oh and guess what..... I reached doll 100!!  

I challenge you to collect your small moments this week and make a plan for them! Look back in 10 days and see the results! Come back and tell me about it if you do! xxxxxxxxx